Craig & Pamela's Photo Album


Chris' 50th Birthday
Eurovision with Pamela

Mount Sandy Drone

Marlin Fishing with the kids

Week at the Farm
Pirates On Pittwater 50th BDay
Glamping at the Basin
BLW Skiing Weekend
Holiday in Thailand
Sandy Springfield turns 50

2012 1H
Craig's ManCave

Glamping at the Basin
Craig's World Trip
Oriana Violin
John and Natalie's Wedding

Patten's at Palm Beach

Strazdins and Gang Gang update Deer Park
Craig and Ian Warner with Strazdins
Mount Sandy Flooding
Oriana's 8th Birthday

2012 2H
Girl's weekend at Mt. Sandy
Inaugural SpeakEasy Aria ISV dinner
C2 10 Year Wedding Surprise Party send-off
BLW Amazing Race Thredbo

Jordan's 10th Birthday
A Night to dismember
Offis Christmas Party
Straz Retrospective

Glamping @ the Basin

Paul's Glamping at the Basin
Craig's Birthday Palm Beach

Richards's 50th Birthday
Wedding in Fiji
Sam's wedding in Fiji
Henshaw's at the farm

Christmas with Simon
Allen Christmas at Palm Beach

Camping @ the Basin
Easter Hat Parade
Heggies at the farm
Kens Advance speach MOVIE
Ken's Birthday Mt Sandy
Farm in July
Oriana's Birthday & Basketball

Flash Mob Sydney Opera House then Bondi
Offis Xmas Party
Family Christmas at Palm Beach

Camping @ the Basin
Kish reunion
Gold Coast holiday
Pamela's Birthday & Easter
Family world trip November
  - Hawaii

  - San Diego
  - London
  - Paris
  - Frankfurt
  - Singapore
  - Phuket
Offis Xmas party 2009
2008  Christmas
Manly Aquarium
Layton's Christening
Layton's Christening After Party
Stephens birthday
Fiddler on the Roof
Windsor highlights
Mount Sandy with Gerry

Pirate Party
Ken's Christmas
Yas' Christmas
Craig's Christmas
Family Portrait
New Years Eve
Palm Beach Swim-By party 
Sandy's place with the Kish's
Wedding of the year Step 1
March with the family
Easter Show
Farm Buggy with the Heggies
Kid's Dig at the Rocks
Luna Park in April
Deane at the park
A walk with Ben

Oraina's birthday 
Jordan's clown
Wedding in Spain

Palm Beach in Summer FIX
Zoo in January
Gold Coast in April
Farm in April
Ken's birthday at the farm
Oriana's Birthday

A Night on Broadway
Christmas at Palm Beach

Palm Beach & the Hunter Valley
Craig's Birthday
Jordan's School uniform

Fox Studios
Ken's return Palm Beach 
Sandy Kevin, then the Zoo with kids

Farm in April
Bateau Bay Kevin's place 
Oriana's Naming Ceremony
Farm, Oriana's Bday, Catlin and Alice
Thredbo bankers weekend
Thredbo with the family
Chi Chi's Birthday
Claudia's Birthday
Fathers Day
Roberts' birthday
Swimming lessons
Kids Band
Maddisons' birthday
2005 2H
July Ferry ride & Paul Jaffes Bday

Jul Oriana's 1st Bday
Farm in July ROAD

Clovelly with Jill
Palm Beach with Jill
Skiing at Thredbo
Jordan's 3rd Birthday
Family shots at The Spit.
Neutral Bay, Balmoral and party
Offis' new Offices
Halloween fun

Offis Xmas Party
Mount Sandy in December
Ken' Benefit dinner in NY
Christmas with the family

2005 1H
January at the farm
Gooru retreat at Mount Sandy
Jan Home & India_Orlando

Feb Farm Ken & Jill
Easter Holidays
Anzac Weekend
Alex Turnbull - Harvard
Craig in the US
Offis' new offices
Jun BB film location scouting

Family tree
June Happy Days & bath
2004  2H
Sept Jordan's 2nd Birthday
Sept Wind, Maddison & Montessori
Sept Kids Universe with Zach & Jacob
Oct Farm Paul Meredith Imogen Larissa

Oct Sandy visits 
Oct Lorena's 2nd Birrthday @ Luna Park
Oct Effingham St - Potential BB film shoot
Oct Jordan's new thomas
Gooru BBQ

Power House Museum
Trick or Treat
Nov - farm
Gooru Friday 3
Ken in NY
28 JOP Day care

Offis Xmas Party

Mount Sandy Roads
Christmas at Nicks
Luna Park with the Springfields
2004 1H
Jordan Orlando & Lukes Naming ceremony
Ken & Jill's farewell
Mother's Group
Craig's 40th Birthday

1st Quarter Update
Australia Day
Jordan Photo shoot
Unit 11 Archive sold May 3

Markham Close
Royal Easter Show
Apr Baci's birthday @ the farm
Apr Patten's visit

Easter at Terrigal
Dom, Shaggy & family
Ken's Birthday presents
June at the farm

Oriana Allen's birth 7/7
Oriana Days 2 & 3
Oriana Day 5
Oriana Day 6 - at home

Oriana Week 1 - bath
Oriana Week 1 - Phil Heggie

Oriana Week 1 - visitors
Oriana Week 1 - Early Childhood Centre visit
Oriana Week 2 - Harry&jack B'day & visitors
Oriana Week 4-6 -Nonny in Oz & Jenny visit

Brigitte 30/4/03
4m Farm Jan 2003
Farm April 2003
April Madison Nash is born
Easter with friends
Phil Heggie visits
Weekends together
Maddison Nash & Farm
fun at the beach
Jordan's first painting
Avalon and passport photos
Mothers Group
Jordan's new bike
Lachlan's christening
Jill visits

August Skiing at Thredbo
Mothers' Group 1st birthday
Visiting Duncan and Julie
Montessori Spring Fair
Jordan's Birthday
Family trip to New York
Xmas collage
15m Christmas at Palm Beach

15m Boxing Day at Tony's
Mount Sandy Feb
Palm Beach Feb
Mount Sandy Feb MOK
Jill at Randwick family
Offis' Tennis Championship
Jenolan Caves March
Pamela's Birthday
Springfields Bluehaven
Orlando K.M. Allen born
Pamela Farm in May
Craig's Corporate shot
AI Program Mt. Sandy
Orlando & Family Randwick
June long weekend
Ken & Jill in Sydney August
Offis Christmas Party 2002
Christmas Day at Balmoral
Golf in May
Ken's Birthday MtSandy
Ken & Jill August USA
Farm Anniversary
Farm in September
The Stuarts in 2001
Offis' new offices
Offis' Christmas Party
Christmas Day
NYE OneWorld Party
Engagement Party 29/1
Lucinda Penn

October 1 Wedding
Offis Christmas Party
Queen's Birthday
BOTF Brisbane 22-23/6

Farm Pictures
Offis' offices
India Allen July 11
Dinner Party
Alanah's 8th Birthday
Skiing Proposal!
24A problems
Whales off Balmoral
India Amanda Allen's Christening
Mount Sandy in October
Post New Year 
Straz's Going Away Party
Day Club 
Australia Day
Mothers Day at Palm Beach
Brigitte & Andrew's Wedding
Allen family at the farm
NOCenter Ground 0
India Allen born 1/6
A weekend off with Baci!
Home Sweet Home
June 11 Bandwidth Manager

Wall of Fame

Sydney Olympics
Hong Kong
Palm Beach with friends
Host a Murder 
Cara's Christening 
1998 XMAS 

BBQ at Palm Beach

From Ken Allen's perspective
From Jill Martin's perspective

Old Friends
Craig's early days
1964 to 1967